Understanding the largest mineral group on Earth: the Silicates

Understanding Silicates

source: faculty.plattsburgh.edu

With the crust containing 46.6% and 27.7% oxygen and silicon, respectively, the silicates are (naturally) the most common group of minerals on the earth! Together with their abundance and their molecular properties, silicates also form the most structurally diverse group of minerals and reflect conditions of formation such as temperature, pH, volatile and silica content. Understanding the reasons for the diversity of silicates allows geologists to better understand geologic processes. This talk will provide an overview of the silicate groups (with models and pictures!) and how they are related to one another, as well as an extension to the broader geological context. Caption: faculty.plattsburgh.edu

Derek Leung is the 2015 recipient of the National Dean’s Scholarship for the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture at Laurentian University (Sudbury), where he is taking a specialisation in Earth Sciences et une mineure en français langue seconde (French as a Second Language). He spends most his time collecting some rocks (mineralogy) and throwing others (curling). He is working on the definition of a new mineral species from Wind Mountain, New Mexico, while curling competitively at the international level. Derek is the Membership Coordinator for GMCS and the 2014 recipient of the GMCS Member of the Year Award.

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