2017 Gem Show September 23,24 2017

Our Grand Door Prize

Vanadinite , Morocco

The luck winner will be chosen late Sunday afternoon ,September 24.

You do not have to be present to win.



Feature Auction specimen: Amethyst stand-up from Uruguay

Auction begins at 3 pm Saturday Sept 23

Specimen is about 12″ tall and 8″ wide at the base





One of Sandy Cline’s Masterpieces

DEMONSTRATIONS:  Sandy Cline will be present for the weekend to talk to people about how to transform a block of rock into a masterpiece.

Watch him work, examine his display pieces ,maybe take a piece home!




What’s new:  In the “Dance Studio” we will have a Learning Centre: new demonstrations,mini workshops,  short talks  and an ID clinic for minerals.

Stay tuned for details as   they are confirmed.  Here’s a preview

These crystal models of minerals were constructed using a 3D printer. Crystal shape is what gives a mineralogist a clue as to its identity.                            

Can you name a mineral that belongs to each of these forms?      A real 3 D laser printer will be working in the Dance Studio!

Come ask Derek how it works.

If you often said while on a field trip ,” I wish I had a handy-dandy small ID kit” ,this is your chance to buy a pocket size one ;

All the basics  fit into a pocket sized LASER PRINTED container !


More up-dates coming soon