Our January Meeting the Lowdown on Sulphur

Our January Meeting: The Lowdown on Sulphur with David  Bellamy   Featured Image: Sulphur Crystal: Courtesy David Bellamy      The January meeting will take place on January 3rd at […]

Our January Meeting: The Lowdown on Sulphur with David  Bellamy

  Featured Image: Sulphur Crystal: Courtesy David Bellamy     

The January meeting will take place on January 3rd at the Knox United Church meeting Hall, 2569  Midland Ave in Scarborough  beginning at 8:00 pm.

Sulphur is the 16th element in the Periodic Table; and is important for its role in biology, ecology, industry and mineralogy.  

Sulphur Crystal. Machow Mine Tarnobrzeg Poland
courtesy David Bellamy

Sulphur is part of of many minerals, including,  important ores of many metals, for example galena (PbS), Cinnabar (HgS), sphalerite (ZnS2), and Sulphur (FeS2). Sulphur also exists as a free element which is not combined with other elements.  Elements that exist in the free state, such as gold and silver, are described as “native elements”, and are considered minerals. Native sulphur is is found in sizable quantities around volcanoes.

Sulphur plays an important rolein biology, especially in the structure of protein molecules, which are the little machines that enable our bodies to function. Such proteins include hormones like insulin and antibodies that enable us to fight infection. Because of its biological role, sulphur has an ecological role as it cycles between the non-living world  and the food chain.

And then there is us, humans,  We’re good at finding uses for things we encounter; including sulphur. In fact Sulphur compounds are so ubititquitous in the 21st century culture that society would collapse without them. In fact sulphuric acid  is the starting material for making so many products that it is a measurement of the degree of industrialization is sometimes determined by the amount of sulphuric acid it consumes.  We make indispensable products  that depend on sulphur, yet we pollute our environment with it. It is now time to look at the good, bad andugly sides of sulphur

About Our Speaker

David Bellamy has been in the teaching profession  for the last 30+ years, most of which has been at North Toronto Collegiate Institute where he has taught Sciences at the grade 9 and 10 levels and biology as well as Earth and Space Science at the grade 11 and 12 levels.

He has been collecting rocks and minerals, off and on since He was  10, when his aunt gave him a rock collection. Thus began a collecting odyssey which has grown into a frenzy over the last 25+ years resulting a sizeable collection of just about anything imaginable that is related to minerals. He also has been an avid collector of frog figurines for the several years such that frogs have become his trademark.

David is alo an avid traveller.  So far his travels have taken him to Ecuador, Galapaos Islands, Guatemala, Belize,  Mexico, Peru, Costa  Rica, Panama, Madagascar,  southwest United States, Italy, the Vatican, Iceland, Cuba and most recently Bolivia and Easter Island.


Directions to our Meetings

 Where:Knox United Church Hall

  • 2569 Midland Avenue
    Toronto (Scarborough) M1S 1R3
    north-east corner of Midland and Sheppard Avenue

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  • We meet in the Church Hall which is the building north of KnoxUnitedChurch.
  • To get to the Hall: When driving north on Midland just past Sheppard, you will pass the church which is on the corner. Then keep you eye out for a small laneway that runs south of the Hall. This leads to the parking lot behind (east) of the Hall.
    If you miss the laneway, keep going till you hit a small street on your right (east) called Rural Ave.Turn right (east) and look for a driveway into the Church Hall parking lot.
  • The door to the Hall is visible from the parking lot. The door is propped open for the meetings. Come in the door & walk up a half a flight of stair into the hall.
  • Meetings are help on the First Wednesday of the monthWhen: First Wednesday of each Month (except for July, August )
    8:00 pm to about 10:00 pm

    • Although the meeting starts at 8 pm, try to get there earlier – the before meeting time is often just as much fun as the meeting.  Come as early as 7:30 pmbecause there is always something going on.
    • Before the meeting you can:
      • chat with other members & guest speakers
      • look at the Silent Auction Items displayed by members
      • see the special guest speaker displays
      • borrow a club library book from the cabinet
      • sign up for workshops, classes or other volunteer opportunities at the side table
      • help set up the chairs & pitch in with any other administrivia that people need a hand with

    For information on our meetings  email us