Meteorite Interest Group

The Meteorite Interest Group is subgroup of the Gem and Mineral Club of Scarborough.  Its purpose is to encourage  the collection and study of of meteorites and related activities.  This group is automatically open to all members of the Club. Anyone interested in the study of meteorites is encouraged to join.

Several activities are planned for the coming months

For more information  or to join the Meteor Interest Group you may contact  Alex

Attention Meteorite Interest Group and all  Collectors

  1. On May 13th , from 12am to 2pm we will have a clinic for those interested in the collection of meteorites.  The meeting will take place at the Amour heights Community Centre, Room 4, 2140 Avenue Road, North York, MSM 4M7 416-395-7848.  The purpose of the clinic is to educate participants about the different of meteorites and their valuations.  Meteorite sample will be available for inspection.  Those who are interested in starting a collection will be able to take part in a visit to a meteorite Dealer in the Toronto area (item 2) later in the spring.
  2. Before the summer break we will, at a date still to be determined, visit a Meteorite Dealer in the Toronto area. Those interested in starting a collection will be able to purchase meteorites.
  3. In the fall we are hoping to visit the University of Western Ontario, Meteoritics Department. We will learn about the world class research that the Department does. If you have any questions, please contact Alex see Email above