Monthly Meetings

Alfredo petrof Apr 2013 meeting

Our Monthly Programs

Meetings are held at 8:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month, except July, August and November, at the Knox United Church Hall, 2569 Midland Ave., Scarborough, ON. (Located on the northeast corner of Midland and Sheppard Ave.)


We usually have a very brief business meeting followed by a snack break. After that, we have a guest speaker or presentation. Guest speakers are announced in our news bulletin, the Strata Data, some two weeks prior to the meeting. During the meeting, there are contests and a silent auction running. Meetings are usually adjourned by 10:00 p.m.

Special meetings are held throughout the year; e.g.

  • Potluck snacks, Christmas party, members night and social event each and social event each December
  • Live Auction Night in March

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Here are Future Meetings We’re Working On 




    • June 7th:  Colorado’s Scenic Mineral Collecting, Dick Stata  Club Member and Avid  and Long Time  mineral Collector
    • September 6th:  The Fossils of Arkona,  Kevin Kidd, Club Member and Avid Fossil Collector * a follow-up collecting trip; 
    • October 4th:  The Minerals Of Zambia, Richard Le Seur,  Independent Mining and Metals Professional
    • November 1st:  Bay of Fundy the King of Tides collecting in the Bay of Fundy , Ray McDougall, Mineral Dealer and Collector
    • December 6th: Our Annual Christmas Party



    • January 3rd,  Our Mineral Study Group, David Bellamy Club Member and Group Leader
    • February 7th, Fluorescent Minerals, Jeff Shallit  Kitchener Waterloo Club Member and Expert Fluorescent Mineral Collector
    •  April 4th Diving for Sharks Teeth, Dave Milligan, Club Member and adventurer 
    • May 2nd: Collecting Meteorites : Fred McPherson, Meteorite Dealer and Member of  the Society of Meteoritics and Planetary Science.
    • June 6th:  Gold Deposits in the Yukon-then and now;  Ruth Debicki Ontario Ministry of Mines and Northern Development, retired

    Directions To Our Meetings

  • Where:Knox United Church Hall
    2569 Midland Avenue
    Toronto (Scarborough) M1S 1R3
    north-east corner of Midland and Sheppard Avenue

    Google Map

    • We meet in the Church Hall which is the building north of KnoxUnitedChurch.
    • To get to the Hall: When driving north on Midland just past Sheppard, you will pass the church which is on the corner. Then keep you eye out for a small laneway that runs south of the Hall. This leads to the parking lot behind (east) of the Hall.
      If you miss the laneway, keep going till you hit a small street on your right (east) called Rural Ave. Turn right (east) and look for a driveway into the Church Hall parking lot.
    • The door to the Hall is visible from the parking lot. The door is propped open for the meetings. Come in the door & walk up a half a flight of stair into the hall.


    Meetings are held on the First Wednesday of the month

    When: First Wednesday of each Month (except for July, August )
    8:00 pm to about 10:00 pm

    • Although the meeting starts at 8 pm, try to get there earlier – the before meeting time is often just as much fun as the meeting.  Come as early as 7:30 pm because there is always something going on.
    • Before the meeting you can:
      • chat with other members & guest speakers
      • look at the Silent Auction Items displayed by members
      • see the special guest speaker displays
      • borrow a club library book from the cabinet
      • sign up for workshops, classes or other volunteer opportunities at the side table
      • help set up the chairs & pitch in with any other administrivia that people need a hand with

      For information on our meetings  email us